Costa Rica Vacation Summary


A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I visited San José Costa Rica. We were inspired to take a vacation there for a number of reasons, including the really cheap airfare; it proved to be a great trip! We drove a rental car all over the place (an adventure on it’s own), hiked in the rainforest, ziplined, toured a coffee plantation, visited the beach, and attempted to absorb as much

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Side Hustle Round Up: 2015 Income


This year I had a good haul of extra income in side hustles – I focused a lot more energy than I have in the past on credit card bonuses (particularly miles) and checking account bonuses. I’ve tried to summarize everything I earned in side gigs below. Credit card rewards, checking account bonuses, etc…

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Sunday Journal: Sobriety Edition


For the past few years, I’ve done a sober January challenge. Every year people give me a hard time about it and ask me why I’m doing it; basically, I do it as a personal challenge, so I don’t get soft. I want to challenge myself to be a bit healthier, and to challenge the (bad) habit of having drinks every weekend. It’s also a good reset after a holiday season of excess…

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1,122 Bicycle Miles Ridden in 2015!


A quick update to brag on my bicycle mileage for 2015: I rode 1,122 miles on my bike! Most of this riding replaced what otherwise would have been a car trip (about half of the miles was commuting to work and back).

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Earning 5% Interest on Your Cash Savings


About a year ago I wrote about earning decent interest on my emergency fund savings. Over the past few months, I’ve transitioned away from the PayPal and Mango prepaid cards mentioned in that post, to new prepaid cards with no fees…

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Sunday Journal #3


Three “Journal” posts in a row?! I promise that I will write up a summary of my new 5% APY emergency fund “savings” accounts sometime before the end of the year. Until then, enjoy some unrelated Sunday night thoughts.

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Sunday Journal #2


Do you ever have a glorious long weekend where by the time Sunday evening rolls around, it’s all gone by way too fast? This holiday weekend meant 4 days off of work for me, but it’s unfortunately felt more like any regular old weekend. A good chunk of time was spent driving to spend time with family, which was great, but the long weekend has flown by. I have a few hours left in the day, and in order to squeeze out every last drop of weekend satisfaction I am going to try and fit a lot into this evening…

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