Side Hustle Round Up: 2014 Income


In my last post I mentioned that I probably have too many side hustles. I treat many of my side projects as hobbies, but there’s often the extra benefit of side income as well. Thinking about all I’ve done outside of my full time job this year, I was curious about the numbers, so below is income for my 2014 side gigs (I don’t expect to add much more to

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Start Living the Financially Independent Life Now?


When I first started writing here, I gave myself the goal of being financially independent and able to retire in 12 years. I was (and continue to be) inspired by what is accomplished by combining a hefty savings rate and an intentionally low cost of living. I’ve worked toward amassing a large nest egg to draw from for the rest of my life. I work a full time job and

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Should I Buy Solar in a Community Solar Array?


The roof of my house is not an ideal place for a photovoltaic system – I have 3 roof surfaces, one faces east, one faces west, and the other faces south. The south facing roof is covered by tree shade for at least half of the day. I’ve often wondered how solar might be feasible for my house, but I always stop before getting too far into the research, discouraged

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Awesome Podcasts: Updated


Last October, I highlighted my love of podcasts, and the thousands of free hours of education and entertainment they can add to your life. I also shared some of the podcasts I regularly listen to, but since then the selection of shows I appreciate and listen to regularly has grown, and I wanted to offer up my new favorites: ┬áThe Dr. Drew Podcast – long ago I regularly listened to

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Two Years Biking and a New Bike


I’ve been regularly biking for about 2 years. It’s one of the biggest behavioral changes I’ve made that consistently contributes to my goals of financial independence and fitness. I am happy to say that using a RideKick combined with a really inexpensive Craigslist bike, I was confident enough to get out there on the road, and actually replace car miles with cycling miles. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet reached my goal

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Side Hustle: My New Retail Food Business


Lately, if been sacrificing a lot of my free time in pursuit of something fun, challenging, and strangely fulfilling: I’ve been cobbling together a real-life side business.

I believe that entrepreneurial thinking has always come naturally to me, but because working for other people is so comfortable, I’ve never really put forth the effort and started a business. I was intrigued as a kid by many of the “small business” books my dad read, and I’ve had an itch to try my hand at starting a business for a long time…

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Two Side Income Ideas You Can Start Now


Over the last few months, I’ve run across two very easy and legitimate ways to earn some pocket money. If you have a few minutes right now, you should be able to jump right into using both, and earning a little extra in your spare time.

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