Sunday Journal #2


Do you ever have a glorious long weekend where by the time Sunday evening rolls around, it’s all gone by way too fast? This holiday weekend meant 4 days off of work for me, but it’s unfortunately felt more like any regular old weekend. A good chunk of time was spent driving to spend time with family, which was great, but the long weekend has flown by. I have a

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Sunday Journal #1


I’ve always intended for this blog to serve as a journal of sorts, but if you’ve read what I’ve written here in the past, I haven’t really ever journaled. I think there have been a number of things holding me back: It’s difficult to write about your personal life For whatever reason, it’s hard to be honest about thoughts/feelings/life decisions with strangers on the Internet (it’s not you, it’s me,

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Balance & Motivation: Work, Creativity, Family


I’ve always grappled with the idea of maintaining balance in life. More recently, I’ve had trouble balancing motivation. I’m not particularly motivated to work 40 hours every week, but I push myself to continue doing this because it’s enabling me to create a future that I want.  Unfortunately, work seems to be more draining right now than it’s been in the past. The problem surfaces when I get home from

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Meal Planning is Awesome & Can Save You Money


Earlier this year my girlfriend and I stopped improvising dinner every night, and started meal planning together every week. So far, it’s been an amazing change…

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DIY Mini-Split Heat Pump System


Because of my high heating costs, I’ve always had an eye on alternative heating technologies, especially heating & cooling mini-split heat pumps. Heat pumps are efficient and awesome because they exchange heat from the outside air to your living space. After many calculations, excess research, and carefully considering a variety of different systems, I decided to pull the trigger and buy one to install myself.

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Defining My Dream Job


I currently work at an agency in the online marketing industry. I have a good job, with people I like, but sometimes it’s a useful exercise to let go of your current reality and explore your dreams. Putting an idea out into the world can sometimes help trigger life changes and inspire something new. While I have some entrepreneurial aspirations, I believe I can be perfectly content working for someone

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Amping up Travel Hacking & Credit Card Churning


In the past, I’ve dabbled casually in credit card rewards, usually focusing on cards with up-front cash bonuses. In the past few months, I’ve really cranked up my efforts after finding a lot of great information on the MMM forum, and flyertalk. I enjoy researching and deploying strategies for cheap travel & cash back, and it’s insane how much cheap travel and bonus dollars can be had with just a

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