21 Days On The Road

If you’ve read my last few posts about moving into an RV, you might be wondering how life is going for us now that it’s real.

I am happy to say we launched successfully on July 1st as planned. After a mad dash of final purging, storing, cleaning, problem solving, and preparing, we are officially full-time RVers. Our new tenants moved into our house (and paid rent – woohoo!) on July 1st, as we were driving east on I-70 into Kansas. We’ve been gone for 21 days, and incredibly it feels more like 2 months.

Our initial plans were somewhat vague because we were still waiting on a job assignment for my SO. Unfortunately, at this point we are still waiting on a job for her, so the last 3 weeks have been much different than we imagined they might be. The plan was (and still is) to eventually spend 3 months in the same city (and likely at the same RV park), as soon as she gets her first job; because that hasn’t happened yet, we have instead been on a sort of extended vacation.

We are pretty confident her first job will be in Maryland, so we quickly made our way east. We’ve spent time bouncing around the area – first visiting Niagara Falls, and then spending a few days in the driveway of a family member. Afterward we headed toward Maine, with the somewhat fuzzy goal of sightseeing and eating fresh lobster. It has been fun to experience transient life in an RV, with no particular destination in mind, but we are also anxious about *when* and *where* exactly we will be settling down (we have also spent a ridiculous amount of money on fuel – so at this point we are trying not to move long distances unless required). Each week holds the potential of a job opening, so we haven’t planned ahead more than 7 days or so. The over-planner in me is going a little insane, but so far everything is working out well. Tomorrow we will move up the coast and settle in for a few days at a campground near Acadia National Park. I am incredibly excited to see this iconic part of Maine, and happy that we have the time to fit in some exploration before work.

Our life-on-the-road budget includes $800 per month for space rent, built on the assumption that we will eventually pay a reduced monthly or weekly rate at a campground/resort. Because we’ve been moving around every few days, we’ve had to get creative to save money on accommodations so far this month. We haven’t done any real “boondocking” (camping without hookups) yet, but we’ve made good use of affordable campgrounds, staying with family, and staying with incredibly generous hosts via an innovative website Boondockers Welcome (that link is an affiliate link, and I will receive compensation if you sign up after clicking it). It looks like we will end our first month right at $800 spent on campground fees.

Because we’ve been spending a lot of time setting up and breaking down “camp”, driving, and sightseeing, I have been struggling to settle into a routine of any kind. Because of this, my freelance work is suffering somewhat, and I find it very difficult to focus for longer periods of “work” on the computer (for example, I’ve been hoping to write some version of this post for the past 2 weeks). Our dog is also not incredibly happy with the disruption to his life and routine, but he has really appreciated the open yards of our boondocking hosts where he can freely roam and play. Hopefully after our first 3-month destination is finalized, we will all find a good rhythm. In the meantime, this new life is proving to be pretty challenging and fun. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for places (or people!) we should visit as we leave Maine sometime next week. Are any of you kind readers in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, or nearby states? Let us know, we’d love to meet up for a beer, and maybe spend a few nights in your driveway 😋.

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