FI Friends and Fun in the Utah Desert

I have been a member of the Mr. Money Mustache forums for a number of years now – sometimes I am more active than others, but next to Twitter it has always been my favorite place to discuss personal finance and financial independence on the web.

I have also attended a number of Camp Mustache retreats in Seattle, as well as attended and helped organize meetups of FI-minded local folks. I really enjoy meeting other financially-preoccupied people, especially if we are all hanging out together for a few days in a row to really connect.

Because of my love for these two things, I was excited to book a campsite at an informal meetup of Mustachians in Moab, Utah. The event was planned by members on the MMM forums, and is taking place in a few weeks (want to join us? I have extra room). When I booked my cabin last year I was still working, and we hadn’t started (or even really committed to) RV life, but I was sure that even if I wasn’t within driving distance, I wanted to make it to Moab. I mean, why else do I collect rewards points other than to use them for cool trips I really want to take? Thankfully I booked a cheap rewards flight on Southwest, and I used rewards points to reserve a rental car. It’s a bit funny that I am a “full time” RVer, but I am not driving our rig to an RV bucket-list destination – either way, I will be happy to explore the area!

In the last month or so a number of planned attendees have had to drop out, but I know that even if I only get to know a few fellow forum members, I am going to enjoy my trip. I’ve always wanted to stay in the Moab area for a few days – I am looking forward to doing some hiking and checking out all of the beauty of eastern Utah. I am also excited to connect with people – I know my friends at Evolving Escapades will be there, and I hope to meet a few more RVing Mustachians. One of my biggest struggles in the full-time RV lifestyle so far is isolation – making the effort to attend events like these should help me stay connected to humanity.

I have also carved out a few days before the meetup to visit home in Colorado before I drive over the mountains. We have only been traveling in the RV for 3 months, but it will be a nice treat to see family and friends for a bit.

I am naturally introverted and have always struggled with general and social anxiety, but this type of meetup usually makes me comfortable enough to be myself – I hope this one follows the same pattern! I am still anxious about a few things, but I am sure they will seem silly once I head out. I haven’t really been away from the RV since we started traveling, and I am nervous to leave it behind for 1.5 weeks, but my SO and the pup are staying behind to keep things in working order. This will be the most informal and unorganized Mustachian meetup I’ve attended, which as a planner is making me anxious, but I am excited about finding fun things to do with other attendees. I am also a bit worried about my “gear” – I have booked a cabin, but I am not sure what amenities it has outside of a bed. Because I am flying and then renting a car, I won’t have much “camping” equipment with me – I am probably going to have to buy or borrow a few things, hopefully someone can at least loan me a lounge chair!

I am also a bit embarrassed by my flashy bookings – a flight, a rental car, and a cabin, all to join a group of folks getting together to camp? It seems a bit over the top, but I am trying to let my excitement about visiting home and then exploring a beautiful area with new friends overshadow my frugal shame. Just don’t tell the folks boondocking in their vehicles or staying in the nearby hostel about my extravagance :)

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