The End of the Road

I’ve decided this is my last post on this blog.

I started this blog many years ago with a few goals in mind: creating a space to process and refine my thoughts through writing, connecting to a community of people interested in personal finance, and practicing my writing skills.

While I believe I’ve accomplished my goals to varying degrees, I have always found it a struggle to write here consistently. The reasons weren’t always clear to me, but now I realize that I never really found my “voice” for this blog, and I have always found it difficult to write about myself and my finances in “public.” I also haven’t had a clear and concise understanding of the exact niche I wanted to target and the topics I wanted to cover. The fact that at best I only write a blog post every few months also made it difficult to keep any momentum.

I’ve also found that I want to share a lot of the topics I *do* want to write about with the people in my life, and this traditionally hasn’t been the venue for those blog posts. A few months back I started another blog for that audience, and when I sit down to write I am often torn about whether I should write posts for here or there. Instead of struggling, I have decided to just focus on one blog.

Posting here no longer serves me. My focus has shifted to other projects, and I’ve realized I am interested in a much wider array of things beyond personal finance. This blog served it’s purpose well, it let me dip my toe into the waters of personal blogging and I got a lot of value out of it over the years. But I’ve decided I will instead focus on writing more often at my new blog, with my actual name attached.

I hesitate to share the link here, because I’ve always wanted this to remain an “anonymous” blog, but I also don’t want to leave you few readers hanging if you want to keep up with what I’m thinking and doing. The new blog is called Courage Above Comfort and you can find it here. I may still occasionally write about personal finance, but it is a lower priority. Let me know what you think!

For now I am not really sure what I’ll do with the post history here, but until I do it will just stay as is.

My favorite part of publishing here has probably been connecting with other people through Twitter and participating with the personal finance community there, and I plan to keep my account active – it just won’t have a blog attached.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you either on my new blog or on Twitter!

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