Living in the Moment & Spring Gardening

A big component of frugality and simple living for me is staying in the moment.  The ability to live in, experience, and enjoy each moment as it passes by is often difficult, but very rewarding.

It is challenging to not frequently look forward to a future that seems more glamorous – you’ll be on vacation, you’ll have more money, you’ll be off the clock, you’ll be doing something more fun, you’ll be happily unemployed in early retirement – I aim to acknowledge these longings for the future (or the past) and then let go of them. I have spent a good deal of time in my life obsessing over the future, while ruining the point in time I am at now.

Today I had a brief conversation about gardening that brought my mind directly forward in time to next spring.  Today’s cold chill was wearing on me, and the thought of planting seedlings and working fresh compost into the soil on a warm spring day was too enticing to not dwell on the future for a few moments. Luckily, I realized where I was going and let go of those thoughts relatively quickly; instead I focused on embracing the wide variety of weather I get to enjoy, and the people and experiences that today gave me.

It is essential to plan for the future, as well as to anticipate and help manifest the good times that your future can and will hold, but I am carefully attempting to avoid the treachery of keeping my mind there permanently.

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