Cheap Razor Blades – Easy Expense Reduction

I love reducing my everyday expenses, and as we know, even the little things can make a big difference. There are some expenses that seem continuous and everlasting, and it is easy to overlook them because in our minds they are fixed, or they are so small they don’t seem to matter.

For me, shaving razor blades were one of those fixed & minor expenses – until yesterday. Despite their relatively low cost in my yearly budget, it still hurt every time I stood at the grocery store and paid $30 for 15 replacement blades.

Dollar Shave Club did a great job of making me think differently about cheap razors – suddenly I realized the Gillette Mach3 that I’ve used since I started shaving was, actually, ridiculously expensive. Subscribing to one of Dollar Shave Club’s plans was tempting, but I only shave 1-2 times per week, and I knew I would end up with more blades than I need, so I kept researching.

I quickly found Dorco, an online supplier of cheap razor blades that can be ordered in bulk.  Their 3 blade razor will be a perfect replacement for my Mach3, and I placed an order for the cheap starter “System” ($3.75) and 24 replacement cartridges ($15.30).

The Cheap Razor Blade Savings Math

  • At their cheapest, Mach3 razor blades cost about $2 each; I traditionally use about 1 blade cartridge every month, so that’s a yearly cost of $24
  • The Dorco cartridges are $0.64 when ordered in 24 packs, lowering my cost to $7.68/year

If you shave more regularly than I do and use 1 blade each week, you could reduce your yearly cost from $104 to $33.28.  My girlfriend uses blades faster than I do, and she gladly ordered a cheap razor system made for women on the same order, tipping us over the “Free Shipping” threshold.

This is an example of an extremely small reduction in regular expenses, but it still made me very happy to make the switch – why? Because even the smallest reductions in expenses contribute to the overall snowball effect of living frugally, and reaching financial independence faster; the more I challenge the status quo and look for opportunities that others overlook, the better.

What other everyday expenses that seem fixed and permanent are actually long overdue for optimization? Let me know your favorite small expense reductions in the comments!

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