Envy for Public Transportation

I recently took a 3 day trip to a big city where I had the pleasure of going everywhere on the trains & buses of big city public transportation. I have sadly had very little exposure to the awesome wonder that is a well-run and verbose public transportation system so far in my life, and I fell in love.

From the airport to my hotel, as well as every venture thereafter, I was able to combine a train or bus ride with my own two feet to plot out an easy and quick path to my intended destination.

My cost as a short-term visitor was a mere $18 for a week-long, all-access pass. In order to traverse the same miles in my own car would have cost me at least $35 (without counting any parking costs), as well as many more traffic related headaches. In order to traverse the same miles in a cab would have cost me at least $100.

While my workplace would have paid my transportation costs either way, I was strengthening my frugal powers, saving the company money, and exposing myself to new and enriching experiences by opting for the $18 pass – it felt good.

The trains generally ran on time, were clean, had semi-friendly fellow passengers, and felt safe. To say that I am envious of the public transport opportunities that people in bigger cities have isn’t a strong enough sentiment. I understand that living in a city comes with it’s own increased costs, but using an awesome public transport system for 3 days showed me how great a car-less life could be in the right place.

Do you have a nice public transport system where you live? Do you take advantage of it? How much savings can you attribute toward taking advantage?

[featured image: Eric Kilby]

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