Frugal Bathtub & Tile Remodel

Water was seeping where it shouldn’t be, and things were falling apart, so I’ve started a monumental project; my biggest DIY job so far: pulling out my bathroom tub & tile, and rebuilding it! I have the added challenge of trying to keep this project relatively cheap, but I realized it was finally time for the old baby-blue, mold-harboring tiles to go.

A week off of work, lots of pre-planning, & I am pretty confident that things will go well and stay on track. I am doing all of the demolition & re-tiling without hired help, but I am hiring a plumber friend to help modernize the plumbing and install the bathtub.

I’ll be sure to report total project cost when I am done, but so far everything is on track! What’s the biggest, or most successful DIY project you’ve completed?

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