Yet Another End-of-the-Year Tally

I won’t bore you with any additional thoughts on my 2013 goals, but I wanted to take a minute, here at the end of the year, to note the status of 3 things I’ve been keeping a close eye on this year.

  • First, I logged all of my bike miles in 2013, and each of the logged rides replaced a trip in the car (which is usually a cost of ~$0.25/mile). My grand total mileage for the year was:

1111 miles!

$2.47 per meal!

  • Last, my net worth has increased significantly. I am happy to see the growth, and even though a good portion of the increase can be attributed to the healthy stock market, I am proud of my savings efforts this year. In 2013, my net worth increased by:


My spending for the year totaled just under $29,000, including $2,800 spent on home improvements and $1,500 spent on vacations. Given that my total income (after all side gig income, etc.) was right around $60,000, that means I have a savings rate over 50%.

I am already looking forward to further reductions in spending, more riding, more challenges, and increases in net worth in 2014, happy new year!

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