Side Hustle Round Up: 2014 Income

In my last post I mentioned that I probably have too many side hustles. I treat many of my side projects as hobbies, but there’s often the extra benefit of side income as well. Thinking about all I’ve done outside of my full time job this year, I was curious about the numbers, so below is income for my 2014 side gigs (I don’t expect to add much more to this before the end of the year).

Various Website Projects

I own a few domain names with a number of projects, hobby blogs, or experiments running on them. Some of these efforts aren’t focused on earning money, while a few are. I have a tiny trickle of ad revenue, a very small amount of affiliate income, and I’ve sold a few prints as well as licensed the use of a grand total of ONE photo. So far in 2014, all of the income from these little web projects came together to earn me:

  • Ad Revenue: $230.79
  • Affiliate Revenue: $24.00
  • Photography: $251.05

TOTAL: $505.84

This is total earnings before expenses – factoring in cost of domain names and web hosting, profits aren’t anything amazing… basically I make enough to keep the hobby websites up and running with no out of pocket expenses, and if I’m lucky, a little extra cash.

Freelance Web Development

I am a decent web developer, and somehow over the years I’ve accumulated a few regular freelance web clients. I charge a fairly high hourly rate, but I don’t especially enjoy sitting down at the computer to work in my free time, because I already sit at the computer to work all week long at my day job. This is potentially my most lucrative source of side income, but also the thing I am least excited about when it comes time to do it. Despite my mediocre attitude toward the work, I’ve earned a decent amount this year:

TOTAL: $2,285.00

$700 of this income went toward purchasing a new laptop (which is thankfully a deductible business expense!). I’ve also already planned out at least $1,500 more work in the new year.

Selling Junk

I spent a bit of time this year listing a few old textbooks and other things for sale online.

TOTAL: $189.51

Misc. Online Activities

Testing out a few side hustle ideas, I earned a some extra gift cards and pocket money.

TOTAL: $111.10

Checking Account & Credit Card Bonuses & Rewards

Various new credit card and checking account bonuses, as well as accumulated awards all accounted for a nice extra payday (although in 2013 I managed to earn much higher bonus earnings).

  • Credit Cards: $475.00
  • Checking Accounts: $270.00

TOTAL: $745.00

For 2015 I am working toward approximately 5 free Southwest flights worth of rewards points, and a free companion pass. Hopefully I’ll also find a few good cash bonus offers to take advantage of!

Retail Food Business

As I posted about earlier this year, I’ve put some of my spare time into starting a retail food business. I didn’t find as much energy and spare time as I had hoped for, so this business didn’t grow a lot. I have some regular customers, and I am now profiting after getting everything set up and running smooth.

TOTAL: $899.25

This number is offset completely by $1298.48 in startup and operating expenses, resulting in a net loss for this year. I expect to recuperate the rest of the startup expenses and make a small profit in 2015. With more time and energy to put toward this business, it could be much more successful.

What was the result of your side hustle & hobby income for 2014?

[featured image: William Clifford]

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