Sunday Journal: Spring Fever!

Seedlings Sprouting!

I am starting to get a bit of spring fever, helped by the incredibly nice weather we’ve had recently, and the sprouting seedlings in my basement. I am really looking forward to getting outside to plant my garden and soak up that wonderful spring sunshine. My compost heap is begging to be turned over, and there should be a rich layer of fresh compost waiting and ready to be forked into my garden.

As usual, I have a wide variety of tomatoes, as well as some peppers, brussel sprouts, kale, and more started in seed trays. Soon I will plant lettuce, spinach, and peas in the garden beds outside. I love the start to gardening season, because it gets me out in the yard working with my hands, a perfect opportunity to shake off the winter blues.

New Credit Cards

I’ve been feeling a bit lazy about credit card churning lately – I guess I haven’t had the energy to research a good churn, and I’ve been somewhat paralyzed by the chase 5/24 rule and the fact that I likely will never be allowed another chase card… I’ve been unsure of what cards to prioritize.

A few months ago I signed up for two Bank of America credit cards for a quick and easy $275 in rewards bonus cash (after $1,000 spend).

Yesterday, I finally decided pull the trigger on 2 new cards that I’ve been considering:

  1. I masqueraded as a retiree and applied for the Chase AARP Rewards card ($200 bonus after $500 spend).
  2. I also signed up for the American Express SPG rewards cards, because it has a “historically” high bonus value of 35,000 points until the end of the month.

I didn’t want to commit myself to a huge amount of minimum spend, but I think I can pretty easily tackle $3,500 in 3 months, especially if I pay the fee to put my federal tax bill on the SPG card.

My girlfriend and I have started to very vaguely plan a trip to Europe sometime in 2017, so hopefully the SPG points come in handy for that trip!

Camp Mustache

Last year in May I attended Camp Mustache in Seattle, and this year my girlfriend and I have decided to go again, together. Last year’s event was awesome, and I knew before it was over that I wanted to attend again this year. I am looking forward to reconnecting with other alumni who are coming back, as well as meeting a new group of folks. As May inches closer, I am really getting excited about the trip.

The event has a very unique and special quality to it – because the group is limited to 50 attendees, I had a chance to have at least one conversation with everyone there, and I really enjoyed spending some focused time with “my people.” I hope that same magic can be recreated again, this time with my significant other along for the fun! She hasn’t been as gung-ho as I am regarding frugality, simple living, and early retirement, but she’s starting to see the benefits of my crazy ways, and I really hope she will embrace the “mustachian” community while we’re there.

What are you looking forward to this spring?

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  • Mrs. Groovy

    This spring we’d like to squeeze in a 3-day weekend trip, not too far a drive from home. Maybe to Winston-Salem NC or Columbia SC.

    How’d you get started on gardening? We tried seedlings a few years ago but I killed them by bringing the pots out too early. I think we’ll wait until we move and have some land where we can plant. Here, we can only do containers.