Alternative Paths to FIRE: Part Time Job?

As I’ve written about before, I sometimes consider abandoning my career path and following the less intense route to FIRE. I daydream about leaving the stressful 40-hour workweek behind, and instead working part time or seasonally (as well as side hustling) to cover expenses. Of course, these are mostly *just* daydreams, but sometimes it’s fun to think of alternatives to the mainstream. Working a part-time job would remove some of the pressure that full-on entrepreneurship might cause, but still leave me enough time to work on my own projects and side hustles.

Here are a few jobs I think I might enjoy…

Tax Preparer

I have no formal training in accounting, but I do enjoy accounting tasks – I think I have the right mind for it (I’m the weirdo who really likes doing my taxes every year). I think I might enjoy working seasonally (January through April?) in the tax prep world, and having the rest of the year to work for myself.


I’ve never worked in food prep before, but I think I might enjoy the hustle of working in a coffee shop. Instead of sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day, I’d be on my feet, moving around. Making coffee seems simpler and more fun than any other food service job, and I imagine it’s more of a fun environment, rather than a stressful one.

Seasonal Greenhouse Worker

I enjoy gardening, and I like getting outside in the springtime – I think I may enjoy working at a greenhouse during the gardening “busy” season. Again, this type of job would be the exact opposite of my normal office life, allowing me to get physically moving and feeling good at work, potentially while helping people with their gardening and landscaping plans.

Uber/Lyft Driver

Driving for a ride share service is not exactly a “job”, but I think it might be fun. Working 2 evenings a week, I could probably make enough money to cover a decent chunk of my monthly expenses. I think meeting new people and driving around my city would be an easy way to spend time every weekend.

Brewery Tap Room Server

Colorado is full of microbrewery taprooms, which I love to visit as a customer. Pouring beers for beer fanatics seems like a really laid back and fun job.

Costco Cashier

I’ve worked as a cashier in the past, and when it’s busy I enjoy the work. Costco seems like it is *always* busy, and I’ve heard it’s a great place to work – so I don’t think I’d mind spending a few hours a day ringing up giant carts piled with bulk groceries! A bonus: Costco is within easy biking distance for me.

Overall, I think life could be a lot more satisfying with a hybrid between working for myself, side hustling, and working part time or seasonally while my nest egg compounds and grows. What do you think would be a satisfying part-time gig?

[featured image: Jennifer C.]

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