Gap Year Planning: Progress, Anxiety, and a New Truck?

If you’re following along in my recent series of posts about taking a gap year to experiment with self employment (post 1, post 2), the latest news is that plans are becoming ever more real (and ever more anxiety inducing).

I put in my notice at work (an angst-filled task that I was happy to get over with). It’s now official, and I will be done at the end of April! Plans for our year away were well received by all, and I am excited by the amount of support and enthusiasm I’ve received from coworkers. Part of me is ready to move on immediately and start actively changing my life, and another part of me is freaking out about all. of. the. change. I sometimes doubt that I have enough time and energy to actually complete everything necessary for a successful launch. I also worry about factors I haven’t researched in-depth yet, like the ins and outs of buying health insurance on the state exchange, final expense estimates for the next year, or who to hire as a property manager for our house while we’re away.

In reality, this uncomfortable space I find myself in is here by design. I want to push my boundaries and test my comfort zone. My life needs new challenges, change, and excitement. And we’re definitely not hiding away – we’re determined to face challenges as they come along, and try our best to adapt and roll with the punches. I am trying to teach myself that not everything needs to be planned out ahead of time, and life is allowed to be a little unpredictable. Truthfully? I am incredibly excited to give myself a “rebirth” this Spring; I am inspired toward action as days get sunnier, warmer, and more inviting, instead of feeling a deep longing (and loathing) to change something about my life as the seasons change outside my office window.

This week my focus has been on finalizing the purchase of a “tow vehicle” for our future home. If everything works out, we should be picking up our new-to-us Ford F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab with 6.7L diesel engine on Saturday. I think I have learned enough about trucks and towing 5th wheel trailers in the past month that I am pretty confident in this buy – hopefully I am right! I have spent the last 6 years driving a very small and fuel efficient car and biking as frequently as possible, so being a GIANT TRUCK owner is going to be a little weird. It also feels incredibly wrong to pay $27,000 for a vehicle, but apparently that’s around the minimum that a decent used truck costs (at least in my area).

Other tasks for the next few (still employed) weeks include:

  • Getting new brake pads for the truck
  • Ordering and installing a 5th wheel hitch on the truck
  • Doubling-down on the search for a 5th wheel
  • Getting a website online for a new project that I’m hoping will be an important project during my gap year
  • Listing more belongings for sale online
  • Keeping up with my side hustle/freelance work

It’s pretty clear that life is going to be hectic and harder to manage until I am finished at work – and then life is going to be hectic and harder to manage until we get on the road. If things work out in my favor, work will run low on tasks for me before my planned “last day” and I can start cutting loose early some weeks. Either way, it seems I am starting to push out of my comfort zone fast and hard – so wish me luck?

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