Financially Naked: Sharing My Income and Net Worth?

When I started this blog I wanted to be cool and include my net worth on the site. After all, personal finance bloggers share their personal finances, right? But after putting my financial numbers out there for a few months, I realized it wasn’t all that entertaining or enlightening. I also realized I wasn’t super comfortable sharing my income and net worth publicly, even if done through an anonymous blog. Lastly, I found the details of how to communicate income, savings percentages, etc. to be an annoying distraction, so I removed the info from the site.

Now I am reconsidering my decision. As my recent posts have reflected, I am in the middle of attempting a complete mindset and career shift, starting with a gap year from my full time job to see if self employment and “side” hustling can support me. Other gap year plans (moving into a trailer and traveling) are actually causing me to spend a lot of money, and at times I wonder if I’ve lost my frugal mind. Reading my recent posts you might have been left wishing for more specifics about my financial situation, and I am now sensing that sharing some of these details would make for more authentic communication.

I can’t say that I don’t have some of the same reservations and fears as before… what if people are turned off because of my income level? (either too high or too low)what if people judge me for spending so much on a gap year?what if I fail miserably and the whole thing is PUBLIC?what if people smarter than me point out all of my mistakes? It’s time to break some of my taboo thinking around this topic.

Let’s be honest – someone making a middle-high income at a stable job and saving a fairly fixed percentage every year doesn’t necessarily make for exciting writing. I’ve always been motivated reading about other bloggers’ accomplishments, especially in entrepreneurial endeavors – and actual numbers help make their stories more relatable and real for me. I’ve finally given myself permission to¬†uncage my inner entrepreneur, and over the next year I hope to tell relatable and motivating stories, too. I’ve shared my yearly side hustle income a number of times previously, and now that I will be hustling for survival, things are getting more interesting.

I am not sure if I’m comfortable posting monthly income and net worth posts on the blog, but I am going to be experimenting with more transparency around these numbers, starting with my next post where I will be breaking down the costs of our new home on wheels. I am also going to experiment with sending monthly income and net worth updates via email – if you’re interested in getting a little more personal and receiving new blog post announcements + monthly financial updates from me, subscribe to my new newsletter below!

Note: newsletter discontinued, sorry!

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