Bicycle Miles

Below I have recorded miles ridden on bicycle (utilizing my ridekick if fetching groceries). I really enjoy cycling, but it is challenging because the closest amenities for me are 12-13 miles round trip, and work is 26 miles round trip! I hope to move closer to everything in the next few years; what’s your commute?

New to bike commuting? Read my blog: Bicycle Commuting Tips to help you get started.

Last updated 2016-11-05. Best viewed with a wide screen.

November 2017

October 2017

October Total: 26 miles

September 2017

September Total: 52 miles

August 2017

August Total: 36 miles

July 2017

July Total: 134 miles

June 2017

June Total: 116 miles

May 2017

May Total: 60 miles

April 2017

April Total: 42 miles

March 2017

March Total: 129 miles

February 2017

February Total: 35 miles

January 2017

January Total: 39 miles

December 2016

December Total: 22 miles

November 2016

November Total: 65 miles

October 2016

October Total: 52 miles

September 2016

September Total: 127 miles

August 2016

August Total: 72 miles

July 2016

July Total: 99 miles

June 2016

June Total: 79 miles

May 2016

May Total: 90 miles

April 2016

April Total: 100 miles

March 2016

March Total: 124 miles

February 2016

February Total: 97 miles

January 2016

January Total: 100 miles

December 2015

December Total: 39 miles

November 2015

November Total: 99 miles

October 2015

October Total: 140 miles

September 2015

September Total: 134 miles

August 2015

August Total: 65 miles

July 2015

July Total: 103 miles

June 2015

June Total: 102 miles

May 2015

May Total: 115 miles

April 2015

April Total: 86 miles

March 2015

March Total: 96 miles

February 2015

February Total: 39 miles

February was covered with snow, and I had a cold for a week - hope the rest of the spring is better!

January 2015

January Total: 104 miles

December 2014

December Total: 117 miles

November 2014

November Total: 91 miles

October 2014

October Total: 169 miles

September 2014

September Total: 111 miles

August 2014

August Total: 192 miles

July 2014

July Total: 148 miles

June 2014

June Total: 96 miles

May 2014

May Total: 26 miles

April 2014

April Total: 39 miles

March 2014

March Total: 65 miles

February 2014

February Total: 39 miles

January 2014

January Total: 54 miles

December 2013

December Total: 66 miles

November 2013

November Total: 41 miles

October 2013

October Total: 74 miles

September 2013

September Total: 123 miles

August 2013

August Total: 162 miles

July 2013

July Total: 39 miles :(

June 2013

June Total: 158 miles

May 2013

May Total: 119 miles

April 2013

April Total: 95 miles

March 2013

March Total: 80 miles

March was plagued with a knee injury, a cold, a stomach bug, a few spring snow storms, and other challenges. Glad to have gotten that all out of the way, so the rest of the year can be smooth sailing!

February 2013

February Total: 52 miles

January 2013

January Total: 102 miles

December 2012

  • Jennifer Cunningham

    Love the accountability! Keep riding. And thanks for the intro to importance of net worth – found your blog from #YNAB

    • Thanks Jennifer! I am curious, which of my content was effective at introducing the importance of net worth – just the net worth tracking page? That sounds like a good idea for a future post.

  • Scott Crosby

    Good job with the bike commuting and mileage log. Regarding your 28-mile round trip commute it’s totally reasonable and awesome. Lots of people do this and more every day here in SF. The key is a community of riders to go with you. A bunch of us here live in the city and work(ed) at Google, Facebook, Apple etc., which are 30-50 miles down south. Every day there are groups of 10-20 riders commuting down to the south bay and it’s become something of a phenomenon. On first fridays of each month, we have 40-60 riders. And these are not necessarily bike-friendly roads. You just make them yours.

    Personally, I commuted to Google around 600 times by bike, which is 42 miles one way (then corporate shuttle or train to get home), so I know it’s reasonable. Our community site is (~3000 members now), which has routes and examples that have been posted to Strava. Here’s an example:

    that day I only went to Palo Alto, because I don’t actually work down there anymore, so it was more of a social/coffee ride. But I did that same ride (~32 miles) for work for 2.5 years post-Google.

    Looks like you’re in a less-agreeable area weather-wise, but that doesn’t stop lots of people in cold cities, it’s just an attitude and clothing adjustment.

    Regarding the bike, that’s a pretty cool old Raleigh, but you might want to get a modern road bike if you want to take it to the next level. A very fast and light (~17 lbs.) aluminum road bike can be had for under $1k. As usual, CL is your friend.