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The End of the Road

I’ve decided this is my last post on this blog. I started this blog many years ago with a few goals in mind: creating a space to process and refine my thoughts through writing, connecting to a community of people interested in personal finance, and practicing my writing skills. While I believe I’ve accomplished my goals to varying degrees, I have always found it a struggle to write here consistently.

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FI Friends and Fun in the Utah Desert

I have been a member of the Mr. Money Mustache forums for a number of years now – sometimes I am more active than others, but next to Twitter it has always been my favorite place to discuss personal finance and financial independence on the web. I have also attended a number of Camp Mustache retreats in Seattle, as well as attended and helped organize meetups of FI-minded local folks.

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Financially Naked: Sharing My Income and Net Worth?

When I started this blog I wanted to be cool and include my net worth on the site. After all, personal finance bloggers share their personal finances, right? But after putting my financial numbers out there for a few months, I realized it wasn’t all that entertaining or enlightening. I also realized I wasn’t super comfortable sharing my income and net worth publicly, even if done through an anonymous blog.

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Gap Year Planning: Progress, Anxiety, and a New Truck?

If you’re following along in my recent series of posts about taking a gap year to experiment with self employment (post 1, post 2), the latest news is that plans are becoming ever more real (and ever more anxiety inducing). I put in my notice at work (an angst-filled task that I was happy to get over with). It’s now official, and I will be done at the end of

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I’m Quitting my Job & Moving Into a Trailer

Last week I revealed that I am planning a “gap year,” starting in the next few months. So how about some details? Let’s define my gap year!

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A Gap Year and Permission to Fuck it All Up

For the past 10 years I’ve pursued a fairly consistent career path. The work is not my life’s passion, but I am generally good at it, and it has been somewhat lucrative and rewarding. I haven’t put 100% of my energy toward developing my skills and excelling in my work, but like most people, I’ve allowed work to consume most of my time and focus in exchange for a comfortable

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Mediterranean Cruise & Italy Vacation: Total Out of Pocket Cost

Last month my SO and I enjoyed a two week trip to Italy & the Mediterranean. We had a wonderful time cruising to Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece for a week, and then exploring Italy for another week. In Italy we attempted the whirlwind tour – we saw a number of cities and visited many of the highlights of Venice, Milan, and Florence. We didn’t spend enough time in any of

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