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How To Start Bike Commuting For Cheap

Earlier this year, as part of my dedication to fitness and frugal living, I decided to start riding a bike for transportation. I am certainly not an expert, but I think I’ve got a good start, and I didn’t spend a crazy amount of money on my basic setup. I now strive to bike instead of drive on the weekends, and I have been attempting a once-per-week commute to work

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Downsize the Car: Selling My SUV for Savings

I made an uneducated decision when I was hired on at my first “real” job – I went out and bought an SUV. This was probably not my worst financial mistake of all time, but it was certainly wasteful and ill conceived (the opinion of a debt-happy, consumption focused girl may or may not have been a part of the decision). I justified the expense of owning the SUV for

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