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Cheap Razor Blades – Easy Expense Reduction

I love reducing my everyday expenses, and as we know, even the little things can make a big difference. There are some expenses that seem continuous and everlasting, and it is easy to overlook them because in our minds they are fixed, or they are so small they don’t seem to matter. For me, shaving razor blades were one of those fixed & minor expenses – until yesterday. Despite their

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Recurring Expenses: The Real Math and Retaining Sanity

I try and think of every expense in my budget as a trade-off: if I buy this now, however small the cost, I will be delaying my financial independence in order to get it.  Additionally, if I allow an expense to become a recurring budget item, my financial independence nest egg will require more savings and passive income to support that ongoing expense throughout my life.  Despite how often I

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