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Wells Fargo: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

When I first started researching my recent refinance, the first thing I did was call my existing mortgage holder, Wells Fargo, to ask about the “streamline” refinance option they mention on their website. I was told on the phone (by a guy who seemed awfully annoyed to be fielding my questions) that the streamline loan wasn’t possible for me because I had an FHA loan, and I was interested in converting to a conventional loan…

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Review: Box Home Loans, Refinance

I recently had the pleasure of refinancing my mortgage with Box Home Loans. I first ran across the name of the company at the Mr Money Mustache Community Forums; after a bit of research and review of their stellar reputation online Box quickly moved to the #1 contender spot on my list of possible lenders. The straightforward rate quote tool on their website was awesome and allowed me to see

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