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Tenant Pitfalls: Flat Rate Rent, Utility Costs, & Other Tips

Do you have any boarder/tenant horror stories? Sometimes a great strategy for earning extra money can be to rent out the spare room or an entire area of your house to a tenant. In the previous sentence I chose the word “earning” carefully because I won’t lie to you, it’s never a completely pleasant experience sharing your home with someone; it can pay well, and it’s a good learning experience, but I believe there are downsides that must be considered.

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Move Closer to Work? Commute Cost Savings & Rental Income Potential

Even though I just refinanced my house and I am pretty comfortable where I’m at, I have thought a lot about moving closer to where I work, effectively moving me into “town.” I’d be closer to libraries, grocery stores, and other amenities that I am currently not close enough to bike to every day. It is easy to list the many practical upsides of this hypothetical scenario, including how awesome

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