Frugality vs. The Common Cold

I’ve got a cold. Unfortunately this one is pretty miserable, and I am puttering around the house this weekend accomplishing very little. I wanted to use some of my spare time to write, but my foggy brain is making it difficult, so this is really the only post I feel qualified to publish right now.

I usually strive to utilize my weekends to accomplish as much as possible, so I am going a bit stir crazy today. I’ll have to make sure to make up for my lost time next weekend… I think it’s almost time to start setting up my vegetable seed incubation area? When do you plant your vegetable seeds?

Anyway, being sick always seems to make it more difficult to be strict with budgets and frugal living; what non-frugal indulgences do you allow yourself when you’re sick?

The Costs of Being Sick:

  • Using paid time off at the office
  • Doctor visits – I have medical insurance so this would probably only be a $25 co-pay, but I don’t need to be seen for a cold (although, I am a stubborn man, so I probably wouldn’t go to the doctor even if I had Captain Trips virus)
  • Medication – just cheap cold medicine for suppressing symptoms – only $7 so far (thankfully I don’t have the flu, my girlfriend spent more than $100 on a doctor visit & Tamiflu prescription a few weeks ago)
  • Increased food consumption – I don’t know why, but when I am sick I eat a lot more food! Is this common? (I was very close to ordering a convenient & delicious pizza delivery last night, but I’ve refrained so far)
  • Increased utility costs – cranking up the heat because my resolve to keep the temp low is shattered
  • Driving instead of biking – I usually try and bike everywhere on the weekend, but I know if I left the house right now I’d take my car

On the Bright Side…

Instead of focusing on the potential costs of being sick, I think I’ll use my free time to work at the computer. I have a few freelance web jobs I can work on, side projects that could use some love, and my taxes to wrap up. Of course, I can’t work too hard, because it’s almost time for another nap ;-) I might even have time to read a good book or watch some Netflix… What are you up to this weekend?

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