Haven’t I Already Tried Blogging?

A few years back I jumped into the blogging world and gave it a whirl.  I was able to prove two things to myself: I enjoy online marketing and search optimization, but I am not great at blogging. I focused a lot on the technical aspects of running a blog, and less on writing.

It is hard for me to commit to a blog in a specific niche, especially when I am not sure I have anything truly unique to offer, but here I am anyway.  Despite my reservations, I have convinced myself that this effort will serve me in a few ways:

  • As a writing exercise to keep my writing skills sharp (maybe I can finally train myself to stop excessively using commas?)
  • A place for me to write down my more lengthy musings and retain ownership of the result as well as reap the benefits (if any) of publishing for myself
  • Motivation towards financial independence
  • Another experiment in generating passive income through blogging

I also hope to write useful content for anyone who happens to come by – I really enjoy discussing, reading, and writing about money, personal finance, and retirement. So here I am, musing about monetary topics. Wish me luck!

[featured image author: epsos.de]

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