Bathtub Remodel Cost Total

As with any project, there are a lot of small things to wrap up before I can be officially done, but a majority of the work is now completed on my shower/bath remodel, and I think all of the costs are in. I spent a good percentage of 9 & 1/2 days working on the project, and with the help of a friend (during demolition) and a plumber (to complete the rough-in for the new valve and install the tub), it’s been a success. Here is the approximate cost breakdown:

Item Cost
Waterproof Membrane for Walls $140
Bathtub $220
Tiling Supplies & Tile $545
Plumber Fees $220
New Shower Valve Kit, Piping, & other Plumbing Supplies $300
Other Misc. Supplies $50

Total: $1475

The result isn’t the cheapest shower I could have built, but I think I can still call the project “frugal”, and I am overjoyed by the result – it’s now a luxury to shower, and I know the work is solid and will last a long time – I can now take a moment to enjoy my own hadiwork every day. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, and likely increases the overall value and desirability of my home.

It was a lot of work, and I realize that a pro would have completed things faster, but I am glad that I tackled the job myself. I also learned a lot, picked up a few new skills (copper pipe sweating, wall tiling, & more), and took a nice break from my routine of sitting at the computer all day. It feels good to occasionally switch it up and work with my hands on a challenging project. I also estimate that I saved at least $1,000 in labor costs – but because I didn’t get any estimates before doing it myself, I am not quite sure what I would have been charged by a professional – does anyone have any anecdotal costs they can share with me?

My next project will probably be building myself a bed frame, but I might take a break for a while before jumping into it :)

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