A Year of Bike Commuting & a New Way of Life

I bought my used bike and ridekick in August 2012 and I’ve been pretty regularly biking for over a year now; I have to share with you that it’s been an awesome year! Here are 10 reasons I’ve loved every minute of biking over 1,000 miles in the last 12 months:

  • Every time I ride instead of drive my commute, I save myself $7 in fuel and vehicle maintenance
  • I don’t have to run on the treadmill at the gym to get an awesome cardio workout, I get to combine exercise and everyday travel into the same activity (I absolutely can’t stand the treadmill!)
  • Riding my bike to work usually gives me an energy and sharpness through the workday that I don’t otherwise have
  • I have witnessed more glorious sunrises and sunsets than I would have had I not been biking
  • My individual time spent alone on my bike helps me to recharge my social batteries (I’m an introvert)
  • I have inspired other people to dust off their bikes and give riding short distances a try
  • I’ve gained a stronger sense of autonomy and self reliance with my riding routine
  • I’ve lost fat and gained muscle
  • I have plenty of time to keep up with interesting, informative and free (!) podcasts and radio shows during my rides
  • Nothing makes me feel more bad-ass than biking 14 miles at 7am in the dead of winter with an outside temperature of 12 degrees – it’s invigorating and motivating!

Now that I’ve successfully biked through every season, experienced flat tires and other bike maintenance, sought out the right equipment, and solidified this habit as a permanent part of my life, I look forward to continuing into the future. I will certainly try and beat my personal mileage record for 2014, and I am planning for the day when I can move closer to work & town so that biking can naturally take over as my main transportation source.

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