If you like my writing and want to help support this blog, please consider signing up for some of the services and products that I love. Below are tools I use every day and would recommend to anyone – some of the links are affiliate links. If you use one of my affiliate links to sign up for one of these products, I will get compensation in some form, and you will get an awesome product (and sometimes an additional bonus as well) – it’s a win win!

Quick Category Links

Budgeting, Financial Products, & Credit Cards

Budgeting with You Need a Budget Software

I have been budgeting with YNAB for over 6 years. It has transformed how I track my expenses and is an essential tool for keeping track of my financial life as well as my checking account and credit card bonus hacking efforts. YNAB is one of my favorite tools to recommend to personal finance newbies – it’s the best budgeting tool out there!

YNAB offers a free trial – and if you sign up with my referral link, I will get a free one month extension on my subscription:
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Chase Credit Cards

These are the rewards credit cards I have with Chase Bank – they all have good opening bonuses and decent rewards programs. If you’re interested in travel or rewards hacking some of these may be good cards to start with! If you use one of my referral links, you will support this blog and I will be compensated with rewards points for referring you. Click on the links to learn more about each card.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Earn a $150 bonus with Chase Freedom Unlimited.
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Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

Earn 40,000-50,000 bonus points with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card.
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Prepaid Credit Cards with High Interest Savings Option

By opening a prepaid credit card and jumping through a few hoops, you can earn up to 5% interest on a few thousand dollars of your cash holdings. I wrote a blog post about these accounts a few years ago – learn all of the details here.

If you sign up for one of the “Netspend” cards with my links below, we will *both* get a $20 bonus:

Household Products & Tools

Meal Planning with Plan to Eat

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Every week we save time and money and reduce stress by planning meals. This also helps us remember to eat our leftovers, as well as eat a healthier diet overall. The tool that makes this all possible is Plan to Eat. This is an online meal planning and shopping list app. It also works as a recipe database that very nicely holds all of our recipes for easy planning and review while cooking.

Plan to Eat is a paid app, but they will give you a free 30 day trial up front. If you use my referral link, you will support this blog and I will be compensated with 20% of your subscription fee.
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Shop at Amazon

I buy a lot of things on Amazon – it’s incredibly convenient, and often very competitive for a huge variety of products. I even bought our mini-split heating and cooling system on Amazon! If you shop on Amazon using my referral link, I will be compensated with 4-10% of your purchase value.

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RV Living & Travel

Virtual Mailbox & Mail Scanning with Traveling Mailbox

After researching the available options, we signed up for Traveling Mailbox to help us manage physical mail while on the road. They offer a wide variety of cities to choose from for mailing addresses, a number of different pricing options depending on your needs, and affordable and fast service. If you sign up for Traveling Mailbox using my referral link, I will be compensated with 10% of your subscription value.
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Vacation and Trip Planning with Planapple

We use Planapple to collaboratively plan all of our vacations and travel weeks between locations in the RV. It is simple to use and allows us to add everything to an itinerary for easy reference while on a trip. This is a free tool, with the option to donate money to support the developers.
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Cell Phone Signal Booster from WeBoost

Using a mobile hotspot or a phone tether for internet while you’re on the road? You’ll definitely want a WeBoost cell phone signal booster. We have the “RV” system, and it is working amazingly. For us it is often improving a non-existent 1-bar signal to 4-5 bars of service and a workable download speed. If you buy a system from WeBoost, I will receive a $20 kickback.
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Discount Camping Rates from Passport America

A discount club that gives you 50% off rates at participating campgrounds. Over 1,800 RV Parks and campgrounds participating. If you sign up for Passport America with my link I will receive free membership months.
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Business Tools

Small Business Accounting with Wave

For years I’ve used a feature-rich but free tool for straightforward bookkeeping for all of my side hustles and businesses. I invoice clients, track expenses, and uncover data for my taxes in Wave.
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Website Hosting, Domains, & Technology

Domain Purchases with Google Domains

Google Domains is my go-to domain registar these days – simple, straightforward, and backed by Google. Standard domain TLDs are $12/year.
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Web Hosting with KnownHost

A little more fancy than your standard Bluehost shared hosting, I recommend a KnownHost VPS for rock-solid hosting that gives you granular control and stable hosting for dozens of websites. They also offer great support (email only). If you aren’t ready for a VPS yet, they offer shared hosting options as well. If you buy hosting through my affiliate link, I will receive a cash payment based on your subscription package.
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Website DNS with Cloudflare

Cloudflare offers a wide variety of website performance and security products, but I use them for their fast, secure, and free DNS service. Using a 3rd party DNS service can speed up your website and keep your email working if your hosting server is down.
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